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Whether you need training on site, or a facility to send your candidates to.
We can supply you with the best quality “First Aid” Training at affordable and competitive prices!

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First Aid at Work (3 days)

The first aid at work training course, will provide first aiders with increased skills and knowledge to become more confident when dealing with first aid emergencies at work.      

£288 inc. VAT / person


Emergency First Aid (1 day)

This one day course will help you meet your regulatory requirements, where a fully-qualified individual is not required. It will give you a fundamental understanding of first aid and workplace health and safety, making participants able to deal with any emergency situation.

£100 inc. VAT / person


Paediatric First Aid (2 days)

This two day Paediatric course focuses on emergency scenarios that face those looking after young children and infants, including day nurseries, private nurseries, pre-schools and after school clubs for children in the early years age group.

£192 inc. VAT / person


CPR & Automated External Defibrillation (half day)

AED’s (automated external defibrillators) are proven to save lives. A cardiac arrest can happen at any time to anyone and anywhere. The risk of death can be reduced dramatically if you have a defibrillator in your workplace and know how to use it.

£35 inc. VAT / person


Allergy Awareness (half day)

Severe allergic reactions (Anaphylaxis) can kill without immediate first aid. Allergies affect one in three of the UK population, and each year numbers grow by 5%. Anaphylaxis is the most severe allergic reaction, common cause are insect stings, foods i.e nuts and some medications.

£35 inc. VAT / person



The first aid at work requalification training course updates the skills of candidates who need to renew their certificate. HSE recommends that you should requalify within a month of your certificate expiring.

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In every session we deliver, each participant is given a first aid handbook, this handbook follows the power point in the session, giving learners the opportunity to read in further detail the topic that is on the screen. At the end of the session the handbook is the learners to keep, so they can look back and refer to it keeping their first aid knowledge fresh.